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Create an image preview from a movie on Ubuntu

December 1, 2009 Leave a comment

I’ve been stuck for a while by how to create a preview of a movie on Ubuntu, until i found this great link on ubuntu forum. Tristan_F made a simple bash script to allow to extract frames from a movie and combine them into a single picture to make a preview of the movie. It’s called Framegrabber.

Framegrabber depends on Mplayer and Imagemagick, so you might want to install it first if you don’t have one.

$ sudo apt-get install mplayer imagemagick

Next, get the Framegrabber script here.

Change file permission:
$ chmod +x framegrabber

Options :
-h : print help message
-n : number of stills to extract
-s : size of each stills

For example, i want to create an image preview of big buck bunny movie from Blender.
$ framegrabber bigbuckbunny.ogg

framegrabber will extract 20 stills of 100 pixels, this is default value of n and s option, you can change it to suit your need.

And this is the preview.

Big Buck Bunny Screenshot

Big Buck Bunny Screenshot

Note: There’s also GUI for framegrabber called framegrabgtk, you can give it a try.