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Kalkun: Russian translation added

Just added Russian translation on commit #3a722c87046e0edd0d9e

Thanks to Denis Polkovnikov for the effort.

So, there is now 5 language available, English, Bahasa, Czech, Portuguese, and Russian. Way to go! 😀
If you want to add your language, it’s very easy, everyone is welcome, what the instruction how to add translation.

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Translate Kalkun to your own language

February 17, 2011 4 comments

I’m really glad to announce you that Kalkun now “almost” fully support for translation. Currently, there are 4 language available, but not all of them 100% complete, there are English (default languange) and Bahasa maintained by myself, Czech by Michal Čihař, and Portuguese by Joao Barros.

So, now is your chance to make Kalkun “speak” your own language, it’s really easy.

Get the latest source code for english translation here:

You should see PHP variables like this one:

$lang['kalkun_title'] = "Kalkun: Web based SMS Management";
$lang['kalkun_dashboard'] = "Dashboard";
$lang['kalkun_folder'] = "Folders";
$lang['kalkun_myfolder'] = "My Folders";

Change the string based on your language, e.g. Bahasa should be like this:

$lang['kalkun_title'] = "Kalkun: Manajemen SMS Berbasis Web";
$lang['kalkun_dashboard'] = "Dasbor";
$lang['kalkun_folder'] = "Berkas";
$lang['kalkun_myfolder'] = "Berkas Pribadi";

And so on, make sure you replace all variables value to your language, currently there’s about 240 lines in there.
Last, send your modified file to me blackarazi<at>

That’s it! 😀

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