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Kalkun: Unicode support

February 15, 2011 Leave a comment

It’s been a long time no update from the Kalkun project :\

Recently i’ve implement unicode support when you send SMS, so if you using unicode text like Arabian, Chinese, Japanase, Russian, etc, it’s should be no problem right now.

The Compose Window will now show “Send as Unicode” option.

Send unicode message

Send unicode message

And, it’s looks like this when someone receive unicode SMS, off course your phone should support unicode too.

Receive unicode message

Receive unicode message

This feature not released yet, still on my git repository [0], you are welcome to test it out.
Don’t forget to mention bugs/feature request here [1].
Hope it will be good start to Kalkun future development.

PS: Special thanks to Paul Gokk to pointing this out.


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