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INAICTA 2010 in memoriam

February 22, 2011 3 comments

Jadi kangen suasana kompetisinya, deg-degannya (lebay), ketemu juri-jurinya yang super keren (Pak Onno, Pak Rusmanto, Ibu Betty). Jadi inget dulu saya satu-satunya peserta yang masih kuliah (di kategori open source), sendirian pula, modal nekat doang, hehehe…

Walaupun cuma jadi nominator, pastinya ada perasaan bangga bisa sampai menyisihkan ratusan bahkan mungkin ribuan karya yang lain, sampai buka stand pameran di JCC 😀

Semoga tahun ini masih bisa meramaikan INAICTA 2011. Amin 😀

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Kalkun failed on INAICTA 2010

July 24, 2010 5 comments

No luck this time 🙂

Kalkun only reach the big five a.k.a nominee on INAICTA 2010, and that’s it, no further phase. Kalkun was beaten by other open source software that’s more mature and greatly tested, i must admit it.

And i think i got lesson from this competition, how to makes an application become mature, ’cause kalkun is just still baby application by now, create an API would be my priority right now, because if kalkun can communicate to other application like Point Of Sale (POS), ERP, and others, it will be very nice.

That’s it, i hope i can get new motivation from this failures, and getting more serious on this project. 🙂

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Kalkun is nominee for INAICTA 2010

Good fortune continues. Kalkun is passes the second phase of INAICTA 2010 and it’s now on the final a.k.a big five of the competition. The final will be an exhibition on JCC (Jakarta Convention Center) and will be held on 23-24 July 2010.

Hope i’ll finishing more features before the exhibition.

Wish me luck again and thanks for all your support 😀

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Kalkun is going to second phase of INAICTA 2010

June 20, 2010 4 comments

I just got surprised…

Based on Hasil Penjurian Tahap I INAICTA 2010, Kalkun is passes the first phase of the competition and will have the opportunity going to the final if i can made through this phase too. The second phase is demonstration and presentation in the front of jury and will be held at Jakarta, but the schedule is still not confirmed yet, i still have to wait for news from the committee.

So, it’s time for preparation, and training on speech, cause i hate speech :p

Wish me luck everyone 🙂

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